3Novices : Pandigai Movie Review

Cast: Kreshna, Saravanan, Anandhi, Madhusoodhanan, Karunas, Pandi, Nithin Sathya

Cinematography: Aravind

Music: RH Vikram

Editing: Prabhakar

Stunts: Anbariv

Written & Directed by Feroz

Produced by: Tea Time Talks Production

Distribution: Auraa Cinemas

Release Date: 14-07-2017

Run Time: 02:10:00

Director Feroz skillfully displays a rare combination of aesthetic variety and amazing craftsmanship in this debut feature Pandigai, which is partly an excellent underground-boxing drama and partly a nervy heist thriller, culminating in a sweet-natured third-act.

When Velu (Kreshna) and Muni (Saravanan of Paruthiveeran fame) are in dire need of money, they join forces and plan to exploit the underground boxing matches conducted by Daadha (Madhusoodhanan), a powerful kingpin who is running an illegal gambling and betting business.

While the first half moves at breakneck speed with deliciously choreographed fight sequences (stunts by duo Anbariv), doubled with blood-splattering fisticuffs and flaming editing style, the movie shifts base to the heist-thriller set up in the second half, which is sprinkled with humor throughout and some enjoyable tension.

Feroz smartly anchors the genre transition and impresses with the stylish mise en scène that enhances the mood of the film. He carefully segues back to prior incidents in Velu’s life at appropriate situations. However, he fails to resist the heroine-cliches with an unexciting romance track which wouldn’t have made any difference to the screenplay if purged. That’s the only patience-testing factor, and it can be perhaps overlooked, for the film offers some lovely character arcs and pleasing performances.

Composer RH Vikram heightens the pace of the movie during action sequences, approaching each of them differently with a fervent passion. Aravind’s cinematography superbly deploys a flashy tone, thereby bringing the on-set ambiance to the screen with great ease.

Kreshna and Saravanan have delivered complete justice to their characters. The ‘morally right’ climax is a letdown, and that’s what prevents Pandigai from being a slickly made neo-noir film. Nevertheless, the movie is a compelling watch, and I will be looking forward to what director Feroz has up his sleeves for his sophomore feature.

Pandigai Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

Written by Surendhar MK

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