3Novices : Rahul Gandhi reaches out to Nitish; seeks JD(U) support in VP polls

New Delhi, July 5The result of the vice presidential election, scheduled for August 5, is a foregone conclusion in favour of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), but the Opposition hopes to make it yet another display of its unity and mark it with the return of Janata Dal (United) to the anti-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) camp.Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has extended the olive branch to the JD (U) leadership, and the latter have committed to supporting the Opposition candidate for the vice presidential election.On Tuesday, Gandhi, who returned earlier this week from his foreign sojourn, asked Bihar Congress chief Ashok Choudhary to take disciplinary action against state unit party leaders if they were to publicly criticize Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. According to sources, Choudhary was told by Rahul that the Bihar CM was a trusted ally of the Congress and should be accorded respect. Choudhary is also the minister of education and information technology in the Bihar .. 3Novices


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