3Novices : IDFC to accelerate lending, plans to achieve vision of mass retail banking

IDFC Bank, which concluded first full year of operations in FY2017, said that its vision is to become a mass retail bank in 5 years. To support this growth, the Bank plans to to accelerate the pace of retail lending and retail liability acquisition. The Bank plans to double the share of its retail book, systematically bring down the proportion of the corporate funded book, and further reduce exposure to infrastructure over the next two to three years. The Bank has commenced its banking operations w.e.f. October 01, 2015. The Annual General Meeting of bank shareholders is slated for July 28, 2017 Chennai. In a letter to the shareholders, Rajiv B. Lall, Founder Managing Director & CEO of IDFC Bank said that un the past year, the Bank has made significant progress on its objective to transform into a mass retail bank. He said, partnerships and alliances will play a critical role in this journey. Delivering banking products and solutions across networks owned by business … 3Novices


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